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Three Excellent Styles to Choose from!
The Mini-Me, our signature offering, is shown in the lower left area of the picture, is a Compact Spinnerbait with the hidden weight located on the hook shank, beneath the skirt ...we didn't invent this concept ...we just PERFECTED it !!!
The ShadHead spinnerbait shown at the top of the picture is our regular size spinnerbait offering and is built with the same quality and attention to detail as all our other models ... you just can't get any better !!!.
The Boss Mini-Me, shown at the bottom right of the picture, is also a compact spinnerbait but it weighs in at a whopping 1 1/4 oz! This spinnerbait is designed to GET DEEP & STAY DEEP with as little effort on the angler's part as possible.  It won't wear you out !!
Two Words ... Quality Tough!
Our ShadHead spinnerbait is a regular sized spinnerbait much like the ones you have been accustomed to for years.  The difference is that the S.O.B. ShadHead is built to perform and to catch fish !!!  We utilized a very popular head design offered to us by Cast Industries, the industry leader in lead casting, then changed up the wire design to perfect the lure so that it out performs any other spinnerbait you have used.

Like all our other models, the ShadHead is hand-built, hand-balanced and hand-tuned before it is shipped to you !!  It WORKS !!
Experience The Mini-Me Craze!
Our Mini-Me spinnerbait is a compact, Hidden weight spinnerbait that flat RULES! It can be burned, worked at any level of the water column, or slow rolled on or near the bottom.  The three different weights are physically identical except for the size of the hidden weight is one of the reasons the Mini-Me is so versatile. Another is our unique wire shaping we call the "Gambler's Bend"!

Don't let it's small size fool you into thinking the Mini-Me only catches smaller fish ... we have a largemouth at 12.5 lbs to our credit, thanks to Dudley Barker of Stephenville, TX as well as up to 30 smallmouth on a single Mini-Me by Mike Whitten in Tennessee.
Get Deep  ... Stay Deep!
The "Boss Mini-Me" is also a compact spinnerbait, but this bad boy weighs in at a whopping 1 1/4 oz! It is designed along the lines of our fantastic Mini-Me but is "slightly" larger and utilizes larger blades.  The "Boss Mini-Me" is designed to reach those BIG bass that lurk in the deeper depths and it works! Tested on Lake Amistad, it caught fish in 25-40 feet of water.

The "Boss Mini-Me" is not overpowered with large blades like so many other "deep water" spinnerbaits so it will not only catch fish, but it won't wear you down fishing it for extended periods. Step up to "Th' Boss" and improve your weight !!
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