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Our Pro Staff
S.O.B Pro Staff
Staff Director: Steve Schmidt
S.O.B 's Fishing Products proudly sponsors an excellent field of anglers in the tournament world. Our products have accounted for many successful wins for our pro staff when they needed it most. See who all is on our pro staff now.
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Hall of Fame
Do you have a trophy fish you would like to show off caught with an S.O.B. lure? We would love to see them along with information pertaining to your catch. To have your picture apart of our "Hall of Fame", Click Here now!
Clint Montgomery
(N. Carolina)
Clint Montgomery (shown) and his fishin' buddy, Derek Cheek were fishing on Lake Hiawassee in Western North Carolina working a pretty good fall shallow Mini-me bite. This old girl absolutely SMASHED that Mini-me! I mean from as hard as I could turn a 7:1 reel to stop, in an instant.
Jim Good
South America
Jim Good of Miami, FL takes the occasional trip to South America, fishing for those super strong Peacock Bass. He takes S.O.B. spinnerbaits along as his go-to bait. Here is the proof that they work on the Peacocks!

Received the spinnerbaits today and they are GORGEOUS. Nice work!! Even though I've fished 12 hours during the last 36 on my recent trip, I can't wait to get out again with these beauties in the box. Next time, I'll remember to get my order in a little earlier in the season.


S.O.B Pro Staff View Cart
We are very proud of the accomplishments and the hard work provided by our "Pro-Staff"! If you get the opportunity to visit with any of them, we are confident that you will find it to be a pleasant and informative meeting.

Please click on the images below to meet them and learn a little about them. Again, if you get the chance to meet any of them, take the opportunity ... you will find them to be friendly and helpful.

Please mouse over the photo thumbnail below to see the enlarged version.
Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt
Steve is our Pro Staff Director and handles the duty of managing our great Pro Staff and providing members with whatever support and information they should need. Steve owns and operates Schmidt's Big Bass Guide Service on Richland Chambers Reservoir in North Central Texas (www.schmidtsbigbass.com). 
Clark Reehm
Clark Reehm
Clark is a two year pro on the Bass Elite series where, as a rookie, he not only qualified for, but placed 8th in the Bassmasters Classic on Lake Hartwell in 2008. He followed that with a 2nd place finish on Lake Amistad and a sixth place in the BASS Central Open on the Red River. Clark visited the S.O.B. shop one weekend and ended up developing his own version of the "Sexy Shad" color in a spinnerbait ... we call it "Th' Reehmer" in his honor! IT WORKS !!!
Ryan Coleman
Ryan Coleman
Ryan is THE guy who is most responsible for the development of the "Mini-Me" Without Ryan's expert knowledge and dogged determination, the "Mini-Me" would not have become reality. Ryan owns and operates Lake Lanier Pro Guide Service (www.lanierspots.com) and is always ready to take his clients out for some fantastic Lake Lanier fishing! He has also won or placed very high in a few BASS Open and FLW Stren tournaments as well as winning several local area tournaments.
Chris Eagleson
Chris Eagleson
Chris lives in Lake Charles, LA and recently won a BASS Open held on Toledo Bend with a total weight of 20.62 lbs. and also garnered Big Bass money with the 10.02 lb HAWG pictured here! Also sponsored by Bullet Boats and Lake Charles Tackle, we are super excited to have this fine angler on our Pro Staff!
Tommy Hagler
Tommy Hagler
Tommy owns Hag's Tornado Baits (www.hagstornadobait.com) and is super experienced in the lure manufacturing and marketing fields. Tommy also operates the West Texas Team Tournament Trail and is a huge supporter of S.O.B. Fishing Products. At home on O.H. Ivie Reservoir, he likes to throw the Boss Mini-Me into the depths where the big ones live. Tommy also competes on the FLW Stren tour as a Co-Angler striving to learn more about the world of high level competive bass fishing.
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
Greg hails from Quincy, IL, and is an avid bass angler. A long time member of the Bear Creek Bass Club, Greg usually finishes high in the annual club standings. Glen has several national sponsors and his marketing experience will certainly help S.O.B. Fishing Products gain exposure that will help all anglers across the country acquire the spinnerbaits to make them better anglers. Welcome aboard Greg!
Kelly Jones, Jr.
Kelly Jones, Jr.
Kelly is a long time user of the S.O.B. line of spinnerbaits and the Mini-Me is his bait of choice when a blade bite is on! For Kelly, bass fishing is truly a passion that he shares with millions of other anglers who have become addicted to this mysterious predator we call bass ... and our continuous quest for new ways to catch them !!! As owner of Kicker Fish Bait Co, Kelly has developed a complete line of soft plastics that that are designed to get the job done where others fail ... visit Kelly's website and you’ll see why they are our favorites too!
Jon Brown
Jon Brown
Jon uses S.O.B. spinnerbaits because he proudy claims they flat out work. He likes the fact that they are made by an angler for anglers in the USA. His personal favorite is the Mini-Me, and it is his go-to spinnerbait. Jon comes from Shreveport, La and fishes the Red River regularly.
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Eagleson's Victory on Toledo Bend!
November 11th, 2009
I almost feel guilty about fishing the S.O.B. "Mini-Me" at tournaments!!! It truly is a money maker! As you know I recently fished and WON a BASS Open tournament on Toledo Bend where conditions were somewhat unfavorable due to the recent rains and flooding Louisiana had received.
However, I felt real confident knowing I had one thing in my Bullet Boat the other competitors didn't have! The Black / Silver Mini-Me (PD01) you built for me. It was the victory bait! I took heavy stringer (20.62) and Big Bass (10.02lbs) !!!

Thanks to you and your staff for listening to us as fisherman and designing the best spinner bait on the market today! Truly a remarkable bait! There isn't one on the market today that comes close to the craftsmanship of yours.

Chris Eagleson 

SOB Welcomes Pro Staff Addition!
S.O.B Lures is pleased to welcome the addition to it's pro staff the talented Clark Reehm. Clark brings a wealth of spinnerbait knowledge when it comes to bass fishing and has ranked very well in his tournament career thus far. Keep an eye on him! Good luck fishing the BASS trail!
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