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S.O.B 's Fishing Products proudly sponsors an excellent field of anglers in the tournament world. Our products have accounted for many successful wins for our pro staff when they needed it most. See who all is on our pro staff now.
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Skirts View Cart
All the skirts used on S.O.B. spinnerbaits have been custom designed to closely match the spinnerbait it is placed on with the exception of a few that we use the same skirt on.
We do not hand tie our skirts onto our spinnerbaits as we feel strongly that hand tying completely eliminates the opportunity for you to change skirts quickly or modify existing skirts while on the water. We're all about "CUSTOM" here!
Except for one, all our skirts are high quality silicon skirts. The other one is made from LumaFlex material and is custom dyed for our Gold Neon spinnerbait.
Please keep in mind that you may further customize any of our spinnerbaits by selecting a different skirt than is shown in the spinnerbait images. Simply chose the skirt you like from these pages for the spinnerbait you order and place the Skirt Code in the "Skirt or Other Changes" drop down menu space when ordering.
Skirt Sample
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White Satin
White Satin (Sk-00)
Snow White
Snow White (Sk-01)
White Baitfish
White Baitfish (Sk-02)
Shadflash Baitfish
Shadflash Baitfish (Sk-03)
Baby Bass
Baby Bass (Sk-04)
Silver Shiner
Silver Shiner (Sk-05)
Purple Baitfish
Purple Baitfish (Sk-06)
Gold Baitfish
Gold Baitfish (Sk-07)
Red Shad
Red Shad (Sk-08)
Black Satin
Black Satin (Sk-09)
Blue Flash
Blue Flash (Sk-10)
Black Silver Scale
Black Silver Scale (Sk-11)
Black Gold Scale
Black Gold Scale (Sk-12)
Black Blue Scale
Black Blue Scale (Sk-13)
Black Red Scale
Black Red Scale (Sk-14)
Parrot (Sk-18)
Firecracker (Sk-19)
Chart. Baitfish
Chart. Baitfish (Sk-20)
Pumpkin Chart. Tip
Pumpkin Chart. Tip (Sk-21)
White Chart. Tip
White Chart. Tip (Sk-22)
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