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Boss Mini-Me Spinnerbaits View Cart
The "Boss Mini-Me" is also a compact spinnerbait, but this bad boy weighs in at a whopping 1 1/4 oz! It is designed along the lines of our fantastic Mini-Me but is "slightly" larger and utilizes larger blades.  The "Boss Mini-Me" is designed to reach those BIG bass that lurk in the deeper depths and it works! Tested on Lake Amistad, it caught fish in 25-40 feet of water.
The "Boss Mini-Me" is not overpowered with large blades like so many other "deep water" spinnerbaits so it will not only catch fish, but it won't wear you down fishing it for extended periods. Step up to "Th' Boss" and improve your weight !!
Boss Mini-Me Spinnerbait Sample
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