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Received the spinnerbaits today and they are GORGEOUS. Nice work!! Even though I've fished 12 hours during the last 36 on my recent trip, I can't wait to get out again with these beauties in the box. Next time, I'll remember to get my order in a little earlier in the season.


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We at S.O.B. Fishing Products take great pride in the quality of our lures. We believe that quality is reflected in the near legendary ability of our products to catch fish, and each lure we sell is custom built by hand according to your expert knowledge of what catches fish in your unique fishing environment. Our customers select from a virtually unlimited mix of custom colors, head styles and skirts as well as several different blade styles and configurations.
We at S.O.B. Fishing Products sincerely appreciate your support as well as your patience and look forward to serving you. Enjoy your browsing experience as you select, and help us to create the finest hand crafted custom lures.....YOURS !!
Questions? You can use our Contact form, email us at or call us at (

Custom Spinnerbaits
The Mini-Me, our signature offering is a Compact Spinnerbait with the hidden weight located on the hook shank, beneath the skirt ...we didn't invent this concept ...we just PERFECTED it !!!

The ShadHead spinnerbait is our regular size spinnerbait offering and is built with the same quality and attention to detail as all our other models ... you just can't get any better !!!

The Boss Mini-Me is also a compact spinnerbait but it weighs in at a whopping 1 1/4 oz! This spinnerbait is designed to GET DEEP & STAY DEEP with as little effort on the angler's part as possible.  It won't wear you out !!
Available Head Styles:
ShadHead Spinnerbaits
Mini-Me Spinnerbaits
Boss Mini-Me Spinnerbaits
Buzz'rd Buzzbaits
Here you go folks ... a buzzbait for any occasion! Four different, but very effective blade styles on a proven head in almost any color you can imagine. Although we only show the four basic colors, the "Buzz'rd's" are available in any color shown in our spinnerbait collections and any color you may come up with that we don't show !!!

The "BB01" utilizes a 4 winged Lexan blade in your choice of 4 colors. The "BB02" is a 2 winged Aluminum blade that squeals like a little girl who was scared by a spider! The "BB03" is our "Counter Attack" model which has two, in-line, counter rotating blades that tracks straight on the retrieve and has a different sound than the other buzzbaits. The "BB04" is our "2x4" model, aptly named because using it is like hitting the bass up side the head with a "2x4" as it utilizes a small 4 winged Lexan blade mounted inside a 2 winged cut-out blade.
Available Models:
2 Wing Buzz'rd
4 Wing Buzz'rd
Counter Attack Buzz'rd
The 2x4 Buzz'rd
Flutter Spoons
Most "Flutter Spoons" on the market today are normally only good when used as a "Casting Spoon" and are not that good used as a vertically presented "Jigging Spoon". Well.... S.O.B. Fishing Products has come up with one that will do BOTH....and do them both very well !! Our "Flutter Spoon" has a uniquely different shape and size that allows for the double duty ability. All are 3 1/2" long and there are three weights to chose from as well as EIGHT fantastic colors !!!

All of our Flutter Spoons come with a duo-lok snap for the line tie and a super sharp VMC round bend, cone cut treble hook on the business end. For more attraction, you can select an optional Mylar dressed treble hook to add some "Bling" to the "Flutter Spoon"
Revenge Flippin' Jigs
Things have gotten pretty exciting in the "Jig World" here at S.O.B. Fishing Products !!!! We never thought we would see the day that a better jig system would come along other than the one we were carrying ... but IT HAS! We are extremely proud to announce that we are now carrying the Revenge Jigs. The quality and performance of these jigs far surpasses anything else on the market! Try 'em ... if you don't like 'em ... we'll buy 'em back!

All Revenge Flippin' Jigs feature a Mustad Ultra-Point black nickel round bend hook, recessed line tie to easily slip through the heavy cover, durable chip resistant multi-color finishes, STAY-ON skirt keeper, custom silicone skirt, and a double rattle chamber.
Available Standard Sizes:
1/4 Oz. 3/8 Oz. 1/2 Oz.
Available Jumbo Sizes:
3/4 Oz. 1 Oz. 1 1/2 Oz.
Rat'L Pak (5 pack)
Revenge Football Head Jigs
Have you ever had that really BIG BASS on but had it get away? Well, it's time to get... REVENGE!

WOW !!! Now we have a fantastic NEW Football Head Jig and we are real excited about it! The quality and performance of this jig is UNSURPASSED! The attention to detail in the Revenge Football Head jigs is beyond comparison. Look at the enlarged images to see what we are talking about! The Football Jig has the same recessed line tie as the Revenge Flippin' Jigs and it is set in-line with the hook shank to give you the best action possible as well as making it extremely weedless ! You're gonna LOVE this Football Head jig !!!
Available Standard Sizes:
1/2 Oz. 3/4 Oz. 1 Oz.
Rat'L Pak (5 pack)
Hard Baits - Coming Soon!
We are currently in the process of bringing our custom painted hard baits back online as they were years ago. Please be sure to check back with us soon!
S.O.B Sampler Kits
For those who are first time users of our great lures, we have designed three levels of Sampler Kits that you can purchase at Special Prices to get acquainted with what we have to offer. With these Sampler Kits, you have NO decisions to make other than which level of Sampler Kit you want to try. We make those decisions for you. We will select the Weight, the Color, the Line Tie choice, the Blade Configuration, the Blade Finish and the Skirt choices for you!
We promise you that there will be no "Culls" or "Overstocks" in these kits. They will ALL be "Top Of The Line" Products and Colors!
Skirting Material
All the skirts used on S.O.B. spinnerbaits have been custom designed to closely match the spinnerbait it is placed on with the exception of a few that we use the same skirt on.

We do not hand tie our skirts onto our spinnerbaits as we feel strongly that hand tying completely eliminates the opportunity for you to change skirts quickly or modify existing skirts while on the water. We're all about "CUSTOM" here!

Except for one, all our skirts are high quality silicon skirts. The other one is made from LumaFlex material and is custom dyed for our Gold Neon spinnerbait.

Please keep in mind that you may further customize any of our spinnerbaits by selecting a different skirt than is shown in the spinnerbait images. Simply chose the skirt you like from these pages for the spinnerbait you order and place the Skirt Code in the "Skirt or Other Changes" drop down menu space when ordering. 
Tungsten Weights
We are pleased to announce the new division line from S.O.B Fishing Products known as Affordable Tungsten. We currently carry Tungsten weights in both Black and Green Pumpkin colors along with Non-Painted Tungsten weights in all sizes listed below. Check out our great prices for quality Tungsten weights! More more colors and sizes are coming in the near future.
Available Standard Sizes:
1/8 Oz. 3/16 Oz. 1/4 Oz.
5/16 Oz. 3/8 Oz. 1/2 Oz.
3/4 Oz. 1 Oz.
Available Styles:
Tungsten Bullet Weights
Tungsten Painted Bullet Weights
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