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Custom Built to Reflect Your Expert Knowledge:

We at S.O.B. Fishing Products take great pride in the quality of our lures. We believe that quality is reflected in the near legendary ability of our products to catch fish, and each lure we sell is custom built by hand according to your expert knowledge of what catches fish in your unique fishing environment. Our customers select from a virtually unlimited mix of custom colors, head styles and skirts as well as several different blade styles and configurations.

The Process Sometimes Takes Patience.

It is impossible to stock all of the millions of possible baits our customer's might request and that we can create. Manufacturing the highest quality custom built spinnerbaits and buzzbaits on the market takes time. Additionally, the types of baits our customer's order influences production time. Orders containing spinnerbaits and buzzbaits take the longest, as they are the most labor-intensive baits with the most possible options.

Our durable and beautiful custom finishes are comprised of a minimum of five color finishing steps, three of the steps requiring a curing time of 24 hours each.

During our peak season (January through April) we produce in batches of 30-40 orders, with each batch taking about 7 working days to complete. Working on a first come, first served basis, each succeeding batch can delay incoming orders.

During this time it is not unusual for us to work 10-12 hours per day, 6 days per week, but it can still take 4-5 weeks to produce some of the peak season orders. Please remember, these baits are hand built specific to your individual requests. It is for this reason we recommend that you place your order early, well before delivery time becomes a factor.

We at S.O.B. Fishing Products sincerely appreciate your support as well as your patience and look forward to serving you. Enjoy your browsing experience as you select, and help us to create the finest hand crafted custom lures.....YOURS !!

Questions? You can use our Contact form, email us at or call us at (

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