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Our Pro Staff
S.O.B Pro Staff
Staff Director: Steve Schmidt
S.O.B 's Fishing Products proudly sponsors an excellent field of anglers in the tournament world. Our products have accounted for many successful wins for our pro staff when they needed it most. See who all is on our pro staff now.

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Hall of Fame
Do you have a trophy fish you would like to show off caught with an S.O.B. lure? We would love to see them along with information pertaining to your catch. To have your picture apart of our "Hall of Fame", Click Here now!

Clint Montgomery
(N. Carolina)
Clint Montgomery (shown) and his fishin' buddy, Derek Cheek were fishing on Lake Hiawassee in Western North Carolina working a pretty good fall shallow Mini-me bite. This old girl absolutely SMASHED that Mini-me! I mean from as hard as I could turn a 7:1 reel to stop, in an instant.
Jim Good
South America

Jim Good of Miami, FL takes the occasional trip to South America, fishing for those super strong Peacock Bass. He takes S.O.B. spinnerbaits along as his go-to bait. Here is the proof that they work on the Peacocks!

Received the spinnerbaits today and they are GOURGEOUS. Nice work!! Even though I've fished 12 hours during the last 36 on my recent trip, I can't wait to get out again with these beauties in the box. Next time, I'll remember to get my order in a little earlier in the season.

Welcome to S.O.B Fishing Products! View Cart
We are so happy that you have taken the time to visit our new website (best viewed at 1024x768)!

We are very proud of it and the opportunity to offer you the finest true custom, hand-built Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits on the market today. Here at S.O.B. Fishing Products, we build Custom Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits based on the information that you supply to us in your orders. We offer a tremendous range of color combinations and the opportunity for you to select the blade configuration, blade finish and skirt combination that works best for you in your unique situation. We are always available to discuss any questions you may have about designing your own personal combinations.

The "Mini-Me" is our signature creation and the Star of our Spinnerbait line-up. It's a compact spinnerbait that is physically a little smaller overall than a regular sized 1/4 oz. spinnerbait with the "Hidden Weight" system that is concealed under the skirt on the shank of the hook. We don't claim to have invented the "Hidden Weight" system ... We just perfected it !!!
Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits - Custom made for you!

2,156,000 Unique Spinnerbait Combinations
211,200 Unique Buzzbait Combinations
Three Coat, 72 Hour Finishing Process
Carefully Finished, Hand Assembled, Balanced and Tuned!

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Please mouse over the products below (left to right) to view all available colors.

Learn what the Mini-Me craze is all about!
This IS the spinnerbait that started the craze toward compact, "Hidden Weight" spinnerbaits. We do not claim to have invented this system ... We Just Perfected It !!!

The "Mini-Me" is not an everyday production cast head, it took us almost 9 months of thorough testing and tweaking to be what it is today ... a perfectly balanced lure that runs true right out of the package and can be "burned" just under the surface or "slow rolled" on the bottom without "torquing over" on it's side. The "Mini-Me" comes through cover without hanging up better that any spinnerbait we have compared it to.

Don't be fooled by thinking this is not a spinnerbait that you can catch Big Bass on ... we know of several double digit bass that have been caught on a "Mini-Me" topped by Dudley Barker of Stephenville, Texas's beautiful 12.2 lb. bass. It is also deadly on Smallmouth and Spotted Bass ... just ask Ryan Coleman of Lake Lanier Pro Guide Service ( www.lanierspots.com ) who was instrumental in the development of the "Mini-Me". Without Ryan's expert help, the "Mini-Me" would never have been what it is today!
A Buzzbait that is sure to work everywhere you go!
Here you go folks ... a buzzbait for any occasion! Four different, but very effective blade styles on a proven head in almost any color you can imagine. Although we only show the four basic colors, the "Buzz'rd's" are available in any color shown in our spinnerbait collections and any color you may come up with not shown !!!

The BB01 utilizes a 4 winged Lexan blade in your choice of 4 colors,

The BB02 is a 2 winged Aluminum blade that squeals like a little girl who was scared by a spider!

The BB03 is our "Counter Attack" model which has two, in-line, counter rotating blades. This one tracks straight on the retrieve and has a different sound than the rest.

The BB04 is our "2x4" model, aptly named because using it is like hitting the bass up side the head with a 2x4! Also because it utilizes a small 4 winged Lexan blade mounted inside a 2 winged cut-out blade.

Keep your eyes peeled as we are working on something that'll roll your socks off !!!
Affordable Tungsten Weights have finally been found!
Here at S.O.B. Fishing Products we need to make room for some NEW STUFF so we're moving our non-painted AFFORDABLE TUNGSTEN weights with inserts, check out these incredibly low prices ...

Compare anywhere on the Web!

Our VISION is to be:
"The first choice of anglers when they realize the need for outstanding Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits and other related fishing Products. We not only use what we build and sell, we have confidence in it!"
Our MISSION is to:
"Provide our customers with the finest Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits possible to build. We strive to build you EXACTLY what you want, not a "cookie-cutter" product."

Photo Above: Revenge Jigs
SOB Slashes Prices on Revenge Jigs!
January 9th, 2011
Considered one of the best jigs on the market. The quality and performance is Top of The Line! Both the Flippin' Jig and the Football Jig have recessed line ties to help prevent hang ups when working heavy cover and to give the jigs a "rock 'n roll" action when worked across the bottom. Mustad Ultra Point hooks in Black Nickel are used on both jigs. The streamlined head design coupled with the recessed line tie on the Flippin' jigs make these jigs a breeze to work thru heavy cover! The Football Head jigs are great when working those deep ledges and cuts.

These prices are limited to inventory on hand as of 1/9/2011. When we run out of current stock, that item will be deleted from the sale.
Flippin' Jigs (1/4, 3/8, 1/2 oz) - $3.00 ea.
Flippin' Jumbo Jigs (3/4, 1, 1.5 oz) - $4.00 ea.
FootballHead Jigs (3/4 1, 1.5 oz) - $3.00 ea.
SOB Welcomes Pro Staff Addition!
S.O.B Lures is pleased to welcome the addition to it's pro staff the talented Clark Reehm. Clark brings a wealth of spinnerbait knowledge when it comes to bass fishing and has ranked very well in his tournaments career thus far. Keep an eye on him! Good luck fishing the BASS trail!
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